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Dear Dreamers, 


    I’m honored to be able to share my dream with you. 


Dreamers Delicates was born out of countless hours spent in nature, daydreaming and connecting to the earth that houses us. From a young age I’ve felt a connection to nature. Growing up in Texas, I spent my childhood playing in the woods outside. On the inside, I dreamed of becoming a fashion designer, of creating something textile that I could share with others. 


When I moved to Los Angeles to start my modeling career, I began to learn about the impact the fashion industry has on our earth’s resources. I began to be able to sense the difference between garments which were made consciously, and those that were produced in fast fashion factories, where profits took precedence over caring for the earth and humanity. 


My love of fashion and nature merged as I found joy in creating art in the beautiful landscapes of California. Fashion became my excuse to dig deeper into nature’s bounty, to explore and uncover more of the beauty in the elements outside. I would return to the city to shoot e-commerce, which meant wearing a lot of clothing from fast fashion brands. There was a vast difference between how those clothes felt on my body compared to clothes that were well-made and earth-conscious. I started wearing more secondhand and vintage clothes, clothes that were durable through the test of time, as well as sustainability focused brands. 


One area of fashion that I noticed was severely lacking in sustainable options was women’s underwear and intimates. The brands that were popular and available to us relied heavily on cheap synthetic fabrics that are not only harmful to the earth, but incompatible with our bodies. Vaginas, in particular, need breathable fabrics to protect from yeast and other bacterial infections. Synthetic fabrics (think polyester, nylon, satin, etc.) trap heat and moisture, creating the perfect growing conditions for bacteria. Dreamers Delicates underwear are made using EcoVero, which is a natural material derived from wood. EcoVero is lightweight and naturally antibacterial, which allows for your lady parts to breathe easily. 

This is where the dream behind Dreamers became reality. This brand is for women, by women. Vaginas are the heart of our mission, and the earth is our soul. All of our products are made using organic cotton, sustainably sourced by our factory in Bali, as well as Ecovero, a revolutionary new textile made sustainably using wood pulp viscose. All of our trim and embellishments are deadstock, making our brand completely sustainable. Our intimates are 100% organic, breathable, durable, free of toxic chemicals and dyes, and even anti-bacterial. And most importantly, you don’t have to sacrifice sexiness. Because what’s sexier than underwear that protects you and mother earth? 


Designed for well-being, designed for femininity, designed for our earth. 


Welcome to Dreamers Delicates.


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Dreamers Delicates are made for dreamers like myself.

In school, I was always the daydreamer, always lost in my thoughts as I planned out my dream life. I left my small hometown at the age of nineteen to pursue one of those dreams: uprooting my entire life to plant myself in the land of dreamers, Los Angeles. 

I crafted my reality out of dreams. I no longer sat watching reruns of America’s Next Top Model - I was living and breathing it, running to castings around the city and shooting for iconic brands. 

Along the way I met a community of like-minded peers, creatives who also refused to let go of their dreams, who refused to settle for a life outside of the one they dreamed up in their childhoods. I feel lucky to have shared in and born witness to the inspiration of a room full of creative spirits, of dreamers. My twelve-year-old self would be proud of the life I’ve created today - the life I created for her. 

Dreamers Delicates is a call to all dreamers to keep going, to be relentless in pursuit of your dreams, and to remember that in order to dream, we must rest. Our collection of intimates are the perfect loungewear to dream in, day or night. 

My greatest dream of all is to inspire other young women. If there’s one message I hope you take away from my story, it’s that life is about making your own dreams come true, cultivating your own dream world, and being the girl of your own dreams. 

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